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Consolo Retail offers competence and professionalism in the creation, opening and management of your store.

With an experience gained with national and international brands in the field of fashion, design and lifestyle, we guarantee organizational and management skills, as well as an accurate selection of the sales team and store staff.

Consolo Retail takes care of both the evaluation of tangible factors such as the venue, the size, interior design, and all important details, like the atmosphere, the appeal and the staff performance. Our main goal is to provide services that will help the growth of the brand, its style, its identity, as well as sale’s performances in line with their main goals.

The concept store is a retail space, characterized by its heterogeneous soul and style, far away from the traditional shop experience. And its distinctive qualities are in fact those of the staff behavior, stock display and product variety and originality. The Concept store must a release the feeling of exploration and discovery to the customers, offering a multiple choice of unique pieces and unconventional products, inserted in certain interior design.

The evolution of contemporary marketing requires the opening and development of concept store idea.